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This is my first try to answer some one on this net so forgive me If I make
a mistake.  Concerning the  TV production from camera to head in.  I use
8mm sony cameras using cables with RCA connectors for video going into a
video switcher/mixer which can do some wipes and fades, the video signal is
then dumped into a video channel modulator and then sent  to the head in to
play out to the school. Audio is handled through a sound board and the
sound board is connected to the same video modulator. Of course we also
have some VCRS connected to the video switcher/mixer.

If budget is tight you might want  to try the new MX-1 mixer from Videonics
about $1200, and the new titler TX-1 $400.  I have the MX-1 and for the
price it is great, Panasonic has  one for about $5000 which does some neat
things too. By the way The MX-1 also does chroma key.

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