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Would the person who posted this message please contact me directly?  I
have several responses from members of an adoption listserve.

Leah Goolsby

                      E L E C T R O N I C   M E S S A G E

                                        Date:     26-May-1994 11:35am EST


Subject: adopting Korean children

A teacher is researching problems involved in adopting and raising Korean
children.  Is it true that a high percentage of these children become un-
communicative during the teenage years and make it necessary for the parents
to join "Tough Love" organizations, obtain extensive counseling for all family
members and STILL be unable to have any communication w/ their adopted child?
Several such "cases" have come to light, and some (unfair??) generalizations
have been made, which have led to a tr. wanting some data on this situation.
Thank you for any research material or info. you may be able to provide.

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