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My husband, an anthropologist, returned from a trip to the Phillipines with som
e very old video on Beta format.  These videos were taken of tribal ceremonials
in the early 80's.  The tribe suffered greatly during the Marcos era and these
ceremonials are nolonger held.  He promised people that he  would try to get th
em in a format that could be preserved   and used.  Can anyone give me any idea
s of how to start and whoto call? Do you know anyone on the internet who could
guide us in preserving these unique documents.  He is sure he could write a gra
nt to pay for the work that needs to be done.  We are worried about doing more
harm than good by just jumping in.  We are all so excited about using the lates
t technologies--but we must keep in mind that these too are part of our history
 and become the archives of the future.  Thank you for any response.  Jackie

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