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I apologize for sending this to everyone but it bounced back when sent to
CTyler.  For me, The Giver is one of the best books I have ever read, but I
am adult.  (at least that's what everyone keeps telling me) If you use this
book with middle school students and get them to be creative thinkers, I
will applaud your efforts. There are so many wonderful ideas to discuss:
the fact that your career is chosen for you, the lack of color, the control
of the society, the hope or lack thereof at the end.  I'm wary of making
this a class project or a have to read.  I worry about ruining for a lot of
students. I would start small and let students booktalk it to other
students.  That is the most effective way of selling a book to other
students.  At our state media convention, a public librarian was book
talking YA books.  She ruined (IMHO) The Giver for everyone in the room.
She chose to believe it was a dead end and there was no hope at all. I
expect this book will be challenged due to the subject material of "baby
killing."  Thanks for letting me get on my soap box.  Good luck and Cheers,

Ruie Chehak                             |Is this heaven?
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