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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 21:28:08 -0500 (CDT)
From: Gleason Sackman <sackman@plains.nodak.edu>
To: net-happenings <net-happenings@is.internic.net>
Subject: GOPHER> Summary of "How Teachers Find Projects" (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 21:52:54 -0400
From: Ferdi Serim <ferdi@tigger.jvnc.net>
Subject: GOPHER> Summary of "How Teachers Find Projects"

Now playing, on the CoSN gopher:
Summary of "How Teachers Find Projects", May 26 - May 30, 1994
by Beverly Hunter, BBN

Inaugurating a new area in the CoSN Gopher, dedicated to keeping summaries
and other vital results from CoSNDISC, Beverly Hunter's summary is the
first entry for CoSNDISC Topics (pointer follows). To quote Beverly:

On May 26, 1994 I posted a query on Kidsphere, COSN, and NII-Teach, as follows:

"How do teachers find and join networked projects and virtual communities
on topics they are pursuing with their students?  How do teachers on
the Internet find and join projects relevant to their interests and
their students interests?  How do they locate groups and projects that are
on separate networks like FrEdMail or Iris or AT&T network? We are working
with schools that are completely project-based.  The teachers in these
schools want to find networked communities of teachers and students who are
working on the same or related project topics.  We are trying to devise a
process for this kind of match-making. Would you describe the processes you
have used to do this?  If you will send me your answers I will organize
them and provide the results. "

The pointer:
Name=How Teachers Find Projects
Path=0/CoSN Activities/COSNDISC/CoSNDISC Topics/How Teachers Find Projects
Admin=Studly Gopher Admin +1 (612) 338-3970 <postmaster@digital.cosn.org>
ModDate=Wed Jun  1 21:45:21 1994 <19940601214521>
URL: gopher://digital.cosn.org:70/00/CoSN Activities/COSNDISC/CoSNDISC Topics/Ho
w Teachers Find Projects

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Ferdi Serim
West Windsor/Plainsboro Schools
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ferdi@cosn.org (Consortium for School Networking)

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