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I am going to begin cataloging the cd-rom 'loot' sometime soon now.  we
have dos environment computers...i'm planning to put the bar code on the
crystal case...or at least that is what i think its called!  Has anyone
suggested this is a bad idea?


American School for the Deaf

On Wed, 1 Jun 1994, Dee Parypa wrote:

> Some of our Macs require that CDs be inserted in carriers - the new LC575
> Macs don't require carriers.  What has been successful in terms of
> connecting barcodes and CDs....where do you attach the little things?!
> I'd appreciate suggestions, and an occasional "oops" is always useful
> too. Thanks.
> Dee Parypa              parypa@guest.nwnet.net
> Islander Middle School
> Mercer Island, WA

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