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Hi Evie,

I liked School's Out, also. I've given several copies to administrators.

I enjoyed Global Paradox by John Naisbitt, and Horaces's School by Ted
Sizer. If you can find it, read (despite the title) Surviving Corporate
Transition.  For fun, try Moran's Never Confuse a Memo With Reality.

For those of who want to lighten up in the summer, I highly recommend
Carr's The Alienist - it's sort of a Ragtime meets Silence of the Lambs.  A
great police procedural/historical fiction.

Good idea for an LM_Net topic!

Say what's the procedure for underlining or italicizing in e-mail?  The
English teacher in me cringes leaving book titles so bare!


Doug Johnson, District Media Supervisor | A great deal of intelligence
Mankato Public Schools, ISD77           | can be invested in ignorance
Box 8713, Mankato MN 56001-8713         | when the need for illusion
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