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I was very interested in all the positive messages about Brodart's
Precision One.  We have been using Bibliofile for conversion and have
been getting 65-75% hit rates.  I think the collections could have been
weeded more closely but that still seems low to me.  The 95% hit rate
with Precision One looks awfully good.  I find it difficult to fathom
that 2 CD's of records does so much better than 4 CD's of records.  If
Precision One is really as good as everybody said it was, it might make
sense for us to get a copy to clean up a lot of our no-hits.   Does
anybody out there have experience with both products that could offer

Jean Townes                             townesj@csos.orst.edu
District Library Media Center           503-745-5210
Greater Albany Public Schools
1050 SW Queen Ave
Albany, Or 97321

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