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Graduate Courses in Children's Literature
July 5 - August 12, 1994
Center for the Study of Children's Literature
Simmons College, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA  02115
voice:  (617) 521-2540   fax: (617) 521-3199
email:  cmercier@vmsvax.simmons.edu

Course Descriptions

Canadian Children's Literature             Maggie DeVries
An examination of Canadian children's books in English as they
reflect the evolution from a colonial to a pluralistic society, including a
study of domestic and historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction, the
realistic animal story, picturebooks, and folklore.  Examples of children's
books from other Commonwealth nations, especially Australia and New Zealand,
are used for comparison and contrast.  (four semester hours, graduate credit)
Maggie DeVries will serve as the second Carol S. Kline Visiting Lecturer in
International Children's Literature at the Center for the Study of Children's
Literature at Simmons College.A native of Canada, she co-authored ONCE UPON
A GOLDEN APPLE with Jean Little.  She has taught children's literature for
six years in Guelph, Ontario and Vancouver.

Nonfiction:  The New Frontier in Children's Books      Ann Flowers
A study of children's nonfiction with emphasis on nonfiction of the past
several decades andthe extraordinary changes in contemporary nonfiction
for children.  Both text and illustration are considered and special attention
is paid to biography,history, art and architecture, and newer forms of science
and technology, such as environmental studies and wildlife conservation,
sex and drug education.  The problems encountered in combining accuracy and
readability, especially in works for children about science, is addressed.
(four semester hours, graduate credit)
Ann Flowers is a children's book reviewer, former children's librarian in
Wayland (MA), and past editor of the biannual publication THE HORN BOOK
GUIDE.  She teaches the fall semester course in Victorian children's literature,
a spring semester course in myth, legend, and folklore, and a course in
fantasy and science fiction.

For further information, fees, and registration materials, please contact the
Center for the Study of Children's Literature at the addresses above.

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