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On May 25 I requested information on to labeling CD-ROMs.  I have summarized
the information that I received as follows:

From Anne Hegel Clough:  Use permanent markers, fine point "sharpies."

From David Bigwood:  "Demco sells CD-ROM labels.  The label comes with 1
circular sticker for the CD itself and 2 strips for each end of the case and 1
large sticker for the face of the case."  Demco's phone # 800-356-1200

Valorie Ritenour says that she was told to use a magic marker on the center
part of the CD, the problem she finds with this is that the  numbers can't be
seen if the CDs are left in their cases.

Kathy Geronzin suggests buying a separate caddy for each CD but hasn't decided
on the best placement of the labels.

Doris Ivy
DIvy@hlpusd.K12.ca.us        Voice:  916-228-2587
Sacramento County Office of Education
Sacramento, CA

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