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Hello LM_NET,

  I thought you might like to read this interesting report from Diane

Best wishes,

Peter G. Milbury        Library Media Teacher / Mentor Teacher
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Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 09:50:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: Diane Oestreich <doestre@eis.calstate.edu>
To: Peter Milbury <pmilbur@eis.calstate.edu>

Last night I attended a session on libraries and the Internet put on by
Orange County Library Association.  Bonnie Barksdale was elected president
of that organization last night too!

Richard Vorie from Pac Bell spoke about their involvement with Education
First and had lots of interesting infor about ISDNs, terminal adapters,
rates in the future for ISDN lines.  Fullerton Public Library got a grant
to provide public access to Internet starting this fall.  I hope I get to
be a librarian in that district and work with Marge Cargo, Bonnie
Barksdale, and Norm Bixby!

Martin J. Smith, a reporter from the Orange County Register spoke on his
recent series "Adventures of Enos," an assignment given to him because he
was an average Joe who didn't really like computers.  He was commissioned
to learn and report about the Internet and what he learned along the way,
being, as he said, a "cyberspace buckaroo."

Robert Karatsu of LAPL spoke on training public librarians in use of the
Internet (karatsur@cerf.net).  He was very interesting and entertaining

Last, Jan Zlendich, librarian (the one and only!) of the Cal State
Fullerton extension campus in Mission Viejo, spoke.  She told about
setting up a one-room library with no books, 3 CD-ROM stations, and access
to Internet and Lexis-Nexis and the vax system and library at CSUF main
campus.  She gave us a handout about how she set up icons on a Mac (yea!)
for students to use in selecting online programs they want to use, using
Microphone Professional.

It was as very interesting evening.

Thanks for all your help.


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