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Date: Thu, 02 Jun 1994 08:13:14 -0400
From: Mike King <mking@TSO.UC.EDU>

 >Hello All
 >I have just started out in the gopher world and I was
 >wondering where the term 'gopher' came from.
 >Is it an acronym?
 >What is gopherspace?
 >I have vague ideas on these but I'm sure some
 >smart person can give me something more consise.
 >Thanks in advance
 >Any possibility of emailing to bivery@nexus.edu.au ?

I have heard Gopher was originally developed at Minnesota University or
UM.  Their mascot is the gophers.

The other point is gophers dig tunnels and tunnels and tunnels.  With a gopher
client, you are able to tunnel thru tons of information.

I tried.

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