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Do you like the header? It's what comes of using WORD FOR
WINDOWS, but yes, it IS meant to get attention.

My first question is "What is the meaning of 'marist' online
(globally)? I've seen the word in, for instance 'the educators
guide to email' as @marist which I presume refers to an
institution of learning. Here at Sacred Heart College Senior
School at Somerton Park, a suburb of Adelaide, the capital city
of South Australia, it refers to the marist brothers, without
whom there would be no Sacred Heart College. It also means that
the upcoming sixth of June is C-DAY here (June 6th is D-DAY
elsewhere), named for Marcellin Champagnat who founded the Marist
Brothers (in rural post-revolution France). Is it C-Day where
@marist means? "What (else) is the meaning of 'marist' online?

Another question if you would, oh fountain of wisdom, a 'Library
Media one this time.

What is the appropriate way to think of the computer (a 386DX
with WINDOWS) into which I am keying this? It is not connected to
the INTERNET, at least not very directly. This will go in my
pocket on a diskette to my 'old' XT 'clone' at home. The XT IS
connected to the telephone network. The file will be uploaded
online to NEXUS and thence to LM_NET, I hope! So under what
Catalog heading should I mentally catalog: 'media' as in
'library media' or technology as in 'information technology?'

                        Frank JAMES
Sacred Heart College Senior School,
Somerton Park, South Australia, 5044

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