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Once again I have jumped feet first into something that  I probably
shouldn't have but with the help of lm_net, I'm sure I'll get through
it.  Beginning this Fall, I will be working with a group of High
schoolers on a public access tv show.  This will not be a credit course
but will be run as an after school club.  The local cable company will
train the students on the use of the studio and we will have one hour
of studio time a week.  Because of limited editing equipment, the show
will be primarily talking heads.  The students will choose the topics
(within reason) and pretty much do all the work.

Has any fellow lm_netter been involved in this type of project?  Any help
or guidance will be much appreciated!  I'm glad I have the summer to work
on this !!

Thanks in advance.

Nancy J. Keane
Media Generalist
Concord High School
Concord, N.H.

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