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In case you missed any of these--

Comments on
By Aaron Shepard
H. W. Wilson, 1993, 162 pages, hardcover
LC #91-42236, ISBN 0-8242-0851-X, $40
Grades 3-9

"Reader's theater, a key in the literature-based curriculum concept, gets a
boost from this collection... The scripts are simple and direct,
multicultural, and easily reproducible for classroom use."--Ilene Cooper,
Booklist, 1/1/94

"Shepard's talent as a storyteller shines out in these scripts."--Jan
Lieberman, TNT, Fall 1993

"A well-written collection... The 22 works adapted include a nice variety of
classic and contemporary books, and represent a broad range of cultures.
These scripts will inspire young actors to read the books from which they are
adapted."--Penny Peck, BayViews (Association of Children's Librarians of
Northern California), Nov. 1993

Comments on
By Aaron Shepard
Illustrated by Vera Rosenberry
Albert Whitman & Company, 1992, 40 pages, reinforced binding
LC #91-16591, ISBN 0-8075-7251-9, $15.95
Grades 2-7

"Unique and noteworthy... Shepard breathes new life into the sleeping
archetype of the Indian heroine. Like ancient heroic myth, [Shepard's
interpretation] renews deep strains of potential within the
reader."--Publishers Weekly, 3/9/92

"A smooth retelling."--Kirkus Reviews, 2/1/92

"Delicately rendered in both adaptation and illustration... A book that will
open children's eyes and ears to an unfamiliar lore, and provide rich
contrast to Western parallels."--Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books,

"Profoundly moving."--Children's Bookwatch, 7/92

"Will enhance the social studies curriculum."--Children's Book Review
Service, 7/92

"Reads aloud very well... Readers will enjoy the perspicacity and tenacity of
this feisty heroine [and] be fascinated by the uniquely Indian cultural
details."--School Library Journal, 5/92

"Powerfully told, with a magic all its own. Savitri's purity of spirit will
touch the hearts of all readers, young and old."--Meera Lester, India West,

"A sure candidate for the [California] 6th-grade ancient cultures
unit."--BayViews (Association of Children's Librarians of Northern
California), 12/92

"Rich and empowering."--Rebecca Myers, A. B. Bookman's Weekly, 11/9/92

"Fresh and respectful... Could be useful as an introduction to Indian
classics for young adult readers, in a course on ancient cultures, or in any
broad-based collection."--Fran Stallings, Territorial Tattler, Fall 1993

"Powerful."--Elaine Weischedel, Lanes Museletter, June 1993

"Shepard writes with an ear for the spoken word."--The Story Bag Newsletter,
April-May 1994

"Looking for a painless dose of Hindu mythology? Here it is, with beautiful
illustrations to boot."--Ours (Adoptive Families of America), July-August

Comments on
By Aaron Shepard
Illustrated by Toni Goffe
Scribners, 1993, 32 pages, hardcover
LC #91-43779, ISBN 0-684-19433-3, $14.95
Preschool-grade 6

"A tall-tale superhero for our time.... Shepard tells his tale with such
exuberant good humor, and explores the consequences with such comical logic,
that the moral doesn't detract from the fun. A readaloud that could lighten
up classes well up in the elementary grades."--Kirkus Reviews, 3/1/93

"Pass out the bandanas and dig out the spittoon. Read this story in an
old-timer's voice, and everyone will have a good time."--Chris Sherman,
American Library Association Booklist, 3/1/93

"A rib-tickler... Kids will enjoy acting this out as readers theatre."--Jan
Lieberman, TNT, Spring 1993

"Lovely... Should reach the tickly bone of youngsters."--Storyline, 6/93

"Perfect for telling or reading out loud."--Katy Rydell, Stories, Spring 1993

"My class loved this story. Great to use when introducing tall tales."--D.
Peccianti, Reviews of All Resources (Monterey Peninsula USD)

"Move over Wyatt Earp. Make room for a cowboy of a different caliber. This
refreshing, humorous, tongue-in-cheek 'legend' has a traditional ring, with
an upbeat, easy-to-take message. A wide age range of listeners will request
this one again and again."--School Library Journal, Nov. 1993

"Introduces one amazing cowpoke... Will have young listeners laughing out
loud and asking you to 'read it again.'"--Smithsonian, Nov. 1993

"Move over, Wyatt Earp! Told in the spirited language of a true yarn-spinner,
this is a rollicking picture book to warm the heart of just about
everyone."--Kids' Line, Summer 1993

Comments on
By Aaron Shepard
Illustrated by Toni Goffe
Scribners, 1993, 32 pages, hardcover
LC #92-18153, ISBN 0-684-19535-6, $14.95
Preschool-grade 6

"Goffe's freewheeling cartoons perfectly complement this well-told, amiably
satirical tale."--Kirkus Reviews, 9/1/93

"Good-humored... Lots of possibilities for story hour."--Booklist, 11/1/93

"A cheerful, upbeat, all-American legend. Have fun with it."--Katy Rydell,
Stories, Fall 1993

Picture books of mine in 1995 will be THE GIFTS OF WALI DAD: A TALE OF INDIA
AND PAKISTAN, illustrated by Daniel San Souci (Atheneum); THE ENCHANTED
STORKS: A TALE OF THE MIDDLE EAST, illustrated by Alisher Dianov (Clarion);
and THE BAKER'S DOZEN: A ST. NICHOLAS TALE, illustrated by Wendy Edelson
(Atheneum). I hope you'll watch for them.

Also, if you have any comments on my books--positive or negative--I do
appreciate feedback. (Please send it direct to the address below.) I'm trying
to write the best books I can!

Aaron Shepard

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