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I was a high school librarian for five years, and we had fines.  It was a
real pain (especially since we do not have automated circulation.)  I
would get the book back (which is all I really wanted in the first
place), and then I'd have to harass the student and keep some dopey
record of his fine for the next 5 months until he finally paid up.  The
librarian after me discouraged that a little bit by tacking on an
automatic 50 cent fee to the regular fine if it was not paid at the same
time the book was returned.  Also, our treasurer told the new librarian
that she must count and deposit DAILY all overdue fines collected.  Then
it must be deposited to the general fund.  It's a real pain to do that
deposit chore every day, since she doesn't even have an aide now.  Plus,
she doesn't get to keep any of the money.  I'd say, forget it. Just
block borrowing privileges (works well enough for me here at the
7-8 building.)

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