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I figured it was time to post the results of my question.

My original question was:
>I've used both IBM-compatibles and Macintosh computers and I have always
>preferred the IBMs. Now, hoever, with the advent of the Power PC as well as
>the Pentium computers, I'm unsure about which to look at for my next
>I would really appreciate some comparisons which others have made. What are
>the advantages of each over the other? Is anyone out in LM_NETland using
>either one of these yet? If so, what do you do with it and what do you think
>of it?
>Any and all comments are appreciated.
>Ron Bettencourt
>B.M.C. Durfee High School
>360 Elsbree Street
>Fall River, MA 02720
>Internet: rbettencourt@umassd.edu

The first response to my question was a verbal response from a colleague. He
said that the Pentium chip release 1 has bugs that can cause severe problems.
He suggested waiting for release 2 due out in August. He also said that the
Power PC was not as DOS-compatible as it is described; it will not run all
DOS software and what it does run, it runs slower - at 286 level. He also
said he had heard that the particular chip being used for the purpose of
running DOS applications was being discontinued because of problems. He
added that whatever I decided to do, make sure to get multimedia capability
with a CD-ROM drive, SVGA, nd 16-bit sound. He also mentioned the option of
buying a Pentium-ready 486 now and purchasing the new release of the
Pentium chip when it becomes available. 'Nuff said.

LM_NET repsones follow:

Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 12:11:48 -0500
From: jperkins@po-1.star.k12.ia.us (J. Perkins)
Subject: RE: Pentium vs. Power PC

I'm typing this on one of the new Power Mac (6100/60).  It is a much faster
machine than any of the Macs I've used before.

I expected a few "bugs" and have had a couple of problems: it won't retain
an enlarged memory allocation for HyperCard; it also liked to lockup with
the videodisc player I had plugged into it--this may have been a problem
with my stack and not the Mac.

I've used Windows machines for quite a while--gradually I've gravitated
toward the Mac side.  I find it easier to work in the Mac's System Folder
rather thatn editing autoexec.bat and config.sys files.

for what it's worth...

J. Perkins, Media Specialist            Media Center
jperkins@po-1.star.k12.ia.us            Urbandale Middle School
515-254-2203                            Urbandale, IA  50035

"For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of
life, please press 3."
                                        -Alice Kahn

Date: Tue May 31 11:24:41 1994
From: Patti Johnson <johnson@micronet.wcu.edu>
Subject: RE Pentium vs powerpc

Hi there!  I'm the proud mommy of a baby (15 days old) Power PC - 6100/60
without a CD drive.  Actually, I've had the machine since Fri of last
week so I'm not yet that well versed on it.  I can give initial impressions,

I like it.  And I think I'll get one for my family once I'm rich ;-)
Seriously, with it, I ordered ClarisWorks, Filemaker Pro and SoftWindows.
I don't think it'll run windows without the SoftWindows package from
Insignia.  However, with the package, I've got (pre-installed, BTW),
DOS 6.21 and Windows 3.1.  It's full DOS & Windows - in their splendor.
But it's not setup the way I thought it would be - both op systems
sharing the entire drive.  Rather, DOS (via Insignia's SoftWindows) uses
a "file" under the Mac OS as the C: drive.  I don't know if I can change
the size of that drive; but in any case - it's not total file sharing.  If
I want to transfer files from one to the other it's easy - but not
automatic.  Transfer from DOS - Mac means copying file(s) to E: drive.
Transfer from Mac to DOS (which I haven't tried yet) means dragging the
file icon into the SoftWindows folder.... easy.

The machine isn't as fast as I'd like when running Windows either.  My
benchmark?  The speed at which I can drag card icons in the Windows
Solitaire game - not much of a benchmark but the only one I have.

I suppose when you boil it all down - the Power PC could be much more &
probably will become more.  But right now, I have both worlds at my
disposal... not just the one I get with a clone.  The clones are working
on it but aren't there yet... maybe in a few months/years.  I'd say -
give one a test run at your local dealer.

Hope I didn't muddy the waters too much.
Have fun
patti johnson

Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 08:50:03 -0500 (EST)
From: s_lochhead@mentor.unh.edu
Subject: RE: Pentium vs. Power PC

Hi, Ron.

I use a Power Mac 6100 at home.  Wish I could afford one at work!


Shelley Lochhead, Librarian       ____/|              603-746-4167  x230
Hopkinton High School             \ o.O|       S_Lochhead@mentor.unh.edu
297 Park Avenue                    =(_)=              AppleLink:  ALOT32
Contoocook, NH   03229               U               Mentor:  S_Lochhead

Date: Tue, 31 May 1994 18:10:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rachel Carlson <aixoise@netcom.com>
Subject: RE: Pentium vs. Power PC

Ron - I went to Apple's promo on the Power PC the Monday after I bought
my new computer (on Saturday) - a 486 multimedia pc.  My first thought
was that perhaps I'd just made a major and costly mistake.  However, the
more I read and the more I hear, the better I feel about my purchase.
What I gather is that this first generation Power PC is verrrry sloooow,
and that as yet there is not a lot of software that really functions on
it.  Pentium, on the other hand, is beginning to have a track record, and
those who use it say it's really slick (one of my friends is a journalist
who lives by her computer, and that's her take on it).

It would be interesting to know what other evidence/opinions you gather.

Rachel Carlson
Huntington Beach Union H.S. District
Huntington Beach, CA

Date: Wed, 01 Jun 1994 07:09:16 -0600 (CDT)
From: "Penny L. McAllister" <pmcalli7@ua1ix.ua.edu>
Subject: RE: Pentium vs. Power PC

Ron--I have an assistant prin. who is "Mr. Macintosh" while I remain in
favor of IBM compatibles due to all that is already running on our DOS
network.  My interest has grown in Power PC but I did read an article in a
recent PC World (I think) that for most users, IBM compatibles will serve
our needs until they make the Power PC run non-native programs at their
regular speeds.  Their trial indicated that when programs were re-written
in RISC then even a pentium chip couldn't touch the speed.  However, when
running regular old programs written for DOS, the speeds dropped from 486
capabilities to around 286 speeds.  I'm not ready to make the leap of
faith, yet.  I do have to admit to liking Macintoshes for my own
pleasure--they're such elegant machines.  Hope this helps!  Penny

Date: Thu, 02 Jun 1994 01:07:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: GretchenH@aol.com
Subject: RE:      Pentium vs. Power PC

I think the power PC is equivalent to a 286 DOS machine.  If this is true, it
is not worth the cost, when you can get faster, less expensive DOS units .


Date: Fri, 03 Jun 1994 16:40:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Kathleen M. Lyons" <mstkmlx@gsusgi2.gsu.edu>
Subject: RE: Pentium vs. Power PC

There is a good article in the June issue of PC Magazine that compares
the PowerPC and the Pentium machines.  I recently saw a demonstration of
the pentium by some folks from Intel; the speed is truly impressive.  I
was shopping for a new computer myself since I teach programming at the
high school level.  I saw the PowerPC as well.  I'm an old DOS person but
I have worked on the MacIntosh Quadra 660AV.  The MacIntosh machines are
good but I still chose a DOS/Windows machine.  I didn't get the pentium
because the one that I was looking at had some software problems.  I
wanted a machine I could set up quickly and work with decent speed.  I
personally was a bit hesistant with the newest technology - I don't want
to be on the phone all the time with software or hardware people.  So I
eneded up with a Compaq 486DX2. You might want to check out PC World
magazine (June issue) as well.  That has articles relating to reliability
and service.

Good luck,
Kate Lyons

So, I have some some further investigating to do and then I'll make my
final decision. Thank God I don't have to make a decision immediately.

Many thanks for all your responses,

Ron Bettencourt
Keeley Library
B.M.C. Durfee High School
360 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720
Internet: rbettencourt@umassd.edu

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