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   On Sat, 4 Jun 1994 21:14:22 -0400
   Caroline Brannigan  wrote:
Subject: getting into another OPAC

Our district's high school and my school (7-8 middle) will soon (I
hope!) be installing Follett's CircPlus.  Each library will have its
own network.  How can I call the high school's catalog and connect
directly to them? ....

Caroline, there are more than a few ways to connect to the systems.
#1 I'll leave out for now is a dial up router. Probably too expensive
and complex for your needs, but useful if a lot of people at both ends
need to connect together.

#2 The cheapest way, is a software pkg. like Carbon Copy and a
modem on a terminal of each network. (No one else could use the
receiving terminal but you when you called in. Other wise it would
be available. This works well when you can call the librarian at the
other end first and ask to use the terminal for awhile.)

#3 Dedicate terminal units like the Shiva Net/Modem E. These are
 modem/terminals that plug into the network and act like a dedicated
terminal for incoming use only. You can buy 1 to 4 dial-ins in one box.
Cost from $2100 to 5000.

#4 Dedicate one special terminal at library (486) and connect many
connections at one time with individual modems. Software from
Citrix around $4,000 + and hardware. 20 dos connections or 10
Window connections possible.

Hope this helps.
Don Shields
Mammoth Unified School District

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