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Hi folks,

I have the draft of an original short paper describing a method we have
used in our district to allocate technology funding among our elementary
schools. It asks building teams to write competitive "grant proposals"
which are then judged and awarded on specified criteria. The method seems
to be working for us.  The paper also includes the short evaluation form
our judging panel used to evaluate the proposals. The paper is about 5
double-spaced pages (including the 2 page evaluation form).

Send me a note or a SASE if you'd like a copy of the draft.


Doug Johnson, District Media Supervisor | LOST: Black and white cat. Blind
Mankato Public Schools, ISD77           | in left eye. Lame. Recently
Box 8713, Mankato MN 56001-8713         | castrated. Answers to the name of
507-387-7698                            | Lucky.  - Roland Dille

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