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 I am pleased to announce that the Instructional Materials Selection Policy
for Northeast Community Schools of Goose Lake , Iowa is now avaialable on
the Internet. This policy is based the Iowa Department of Education's Model
Policy and includes statements on telecommunications, confidentiality of
library records, and copyright.  This policy is written to include all
instructional materials, that is, textbooks, workbooks, media, library
materials, and supplemental materials.  The policy with appendices is 25
pages long, without three of the appendices it is 14 pages.
        This policy is in the AskERIC Virtual Library via Gopher.  To find
it Telnet to ericir.syr.edu, pick 1. Access the AskERIC Virtual Library via
Gopher.  7.  Educational Listserves Archieves.  9.  LM_NET.  9.
Instructional Materials Selection Policy; and Guidlines for Complaints.
        I am very happy that the technology to share this policy with you
is now available via the Internet.

Kathy Geronzin,
Jr.-Sr. High School Librarian,
Northeast Communit School District
Goose Lake, IA 52750

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." Abraham

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