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Here's an update on my Unison, Lantasti, barwand problems.

First thing this morning the Follett's service dept. called me.
I spent all day (from 10:00 A.M thru 2:00 P.M. non-stop) on the
phone with them.  Here is the results so far.

I should at least explain what I'm doing.  The elementary library
and I are in the same building although it is some distance away.
We are setting up one circulation system (networked) so that we
can share materials.  Thus we purchased Unison (I have CircPlus)
and I am trying to set up the system before moving it to the
elementary library.

1.  Barwand.  The reason I could not get the barwand running on
the new computer and new program was that the barwand was bad.
Also I had the computer configured to be a server to run a
printer.  Can't do that with Lantasti according to Follett.  So
the old barwand works on the workstation (not server) with a new
barwand coming from Follett.  At least now I can check out books.

2.  Net indirect--I got better directions and haven't tried them
yet, although I think it will work.

3. The big problem is the fact that I can only get one computer
to run the program.  When I add another computer I get a share
error message.  No one at Follett (so far) knows what the problem
is (neither do I).  I have Lantasti version 4.0.  If you have
every had share error messages with this version PLEASE call me.
I have had great responses to my last HELP message.  Thanks to

Janet Johns
Berlin Brothersvalley HIgh School
phone/fax 814-267-5137

PS  Does anyone know if Lantasti has a email address?

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