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I have been asked to forward the following two job postings
to the Net.

May 26, 1994
Williamson Central School
Williamson, New York 14589

The following professional staff position will be opening in the District
for the 1994-95 school year:


Permanent Certification with Masters in Library Science or Certification
in Library Science with Masters in Education is required.  Application
deadline is June 14, 1994.  Interested individuals are invited to request
an application and submit the completed form along with resume, college
placement materials and a copy of certification to Barry Spink, Superin-
tendent of Schools.

If you have all materials on file and are interested in this position, you
should submit a letter of interest and intent.

Barry Spink
Superintendent of Schools


DISTRICT: An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

POSITION TITLE:                             Library Media Specialist (Gr. 7-12)

CERTIFICATION REQUIRED:              Appropriate NY State Certification

BEGINNING DATE:                            September 1, 1994

SALARY:                                           Entry Level

APPLICATION DEADLINE:                  June 17, 1994

& COPY OF CERTIFICATION TO:          Mr. Donald R. Covell, Superintendent
                                                         Livonia Central School
                                                         PO Box E
                                                         Livonia, NY 14487-0489

The Livonia Central School District provides a quality, comprehensive
program for its 2100 pupils.  Instructional services are organized on the
basis of a primary school (K-3), Intermediate school (4-6), and junior-
senior high school (7-12).  The three buildings are located on one
200-acre campus.

In addition to each building's full-time principal, the district has a
director of special education, a director of athletics, four guidance
counselors, two psychologists and two speech therapists.  The total
professional staff numbers 167.  Approximately 90 people make
up the support staff including: teacher aides and food service,
maintenance, custodial, transportation and office personnel.  The
1993-94 budget was $15.9 million.

The school district covers 85 square miles and, for the most part, is
located between Hemlock and Conesus Lakes in Livingston Country.
The area offers many recreational opportunities.  A number of colleges
and universities are located within a short distance of Livonia Central's
campus.  Travel to the City of Rochester is conveniently accommodated
by the I-390 Expressway, taking less than 30 minutes from Livonia.

Excellent relationships exist between the Livonia Board of Education and
its employee units.  The mutual respect and trust existing provides a
very favorable environment for learning and teaching.  Livonia Central's
professional staff can be described as highly dedicated, professionally
motivated, very creative, discriminatingly innovative and appropriately
consulted in relation to the school's operation.  In terms of salary and
employment benefits, Livonia Central's professional staff ranks in the
top 10% when compared with other school districts making up the
Livingston-Steuben-Wyoming Counties area.

Please reply directly to the people named in the posting.

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