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To: schl-sig-lmnet@acme.fred.org
Subject: Re: mag jobbers
Newsgroups: schl.sig.lmnet
Organization: LLWCNY / PBS Learning Link
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In article <769807020.18038@InforMNs.k12.MN.us> you wrote:
: We've been having tremendous on-going problems with a certain magazine
: jobber, Subscription Services, this past year & are ready to move on to a
: different one for the bulk of our subscriptions.  I would like to hear from
: the professionals on jobbers that you might recommend and wondering if
: others have had problems with Sub. Serv. and it's not just us(as they have
: implied). Thanks for any enlightenment that you can offer!
: --
: Sheila Di Maggio(smaggio@llwmht.ll.pbs.org)
: Farnsworth Middle School
: State Farm Rd.
: Guilderland, N.Y. 12084

We have excellent success and good follow up from DEMCO.  Kate Cronn, Oneida
Senior  High , Oneida NY

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