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From:    WIRCS2::MCGUIRE      "Megan McGuire"
To:      IN%"LM_NET@suvm.edu",MCGUIRE
Subject: Limiting # of books students can ckeck out

I posted a question as to how I could keep track of how many books students have
ckecked out and I couple of people raised the question of why I would want to
limit the number of items checked out.  Well, bottom line is I don't, but this
collection has very few books - I'm not even sure if there are enough books for
each student to check out two books each.  It is an elementary school of aprox.
450 to 500 students.  What is more there has historically been a high rate of
book loss.  I figured that limiting students to two books at any given time
would be okay since I wasn't planning on having scheduled check out times.  In
other words, students don't have to try to ckeck out every book they might want
for the next week on one day or forever hold their peace.  I expect alot of the
students to be in every day exchanging books.  They could feasibly have 10 books
a week this way.  What is the consenus - I hope people will be nice, I'm not
trying to be a tyrant, I'm just trying to figure out the best solution.

take care
Megan (mcguire@macc.wisc.edu)

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