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Today I spent considerable time sorting through a pile of catalogs, the pile
I throw anything selling something that gets put in my mailbox.  Even my
rough sorting system doesn't seem too useful (AV stuff, book publishers,
reference books, special focus, library supplies, etc).  Who has a good
workable system for dealing with this flood I am sure we all are subjected
to?  how do you eliminate duplicates and last year's catalogs in the least
time-consuming way?  Since I have next to no money for anything, what I ned
these for are to find very specific things.
Or should I just forget the question and continue to pile them in the corner
of my office??  Lord knows there are 27 projects that are more pressing!

Johanna Halbeisen, LMS                  We are confronted by
Rebecca M. Johnson School(k-8)          insurmountable opportunites.
Springfield, Massachusetts                              Pogo

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