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Believe it or not, I finally started this year to enter all incoming
catalogs in a database by company name, subject(s), and material type(s).

I admit I finally got started doing it only because I had an increase in
associate time and thought it would be a good job for that new person to
do during the "quiet time" that sometimes occurs over the lunch periods.
but I think I will continue it next fall, with or without the extra help.
We file every catalog in a file cabinet by company name and have little
trouble finding them as desired for use or replacement with newer ones.
It IS a lot of work considering that I only have to resort to a database
search about once a month; but on those occasions, it truly has been
helpful to be able to go in and find a catalog that has, say, videos on
MC/NS topics or paperbacks or reluctant reader materials.
Finding these things is, of course, related to the quality of the terms
one inputs as subjects and material types, and I've just ad libbed so
far...I could probably do better using some standard list, but I haven't
bothered so far.
Hope this helps.
Joel Shoemaker

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