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Global SchoolNet Fdn (FrEdMail) (lmnet-l@ACME.FRED.ORG) wrote:
: Today I spent considerable time sorting through a pile of catalogs, the pile
: I throw anything selling something that gets put in my mailbox.  Even my
: rough sorting system doesn't seem too useful (AV stuff, book publishers,
: reference books, special focus, library supplies, etc).  Who has a good
: workable system for dealing with this flood I am sure we all are subjected
: to?  how do you eliminate duplicates and last year's catalogs in the least
: time-consuming way?  Since I have next to no money for anything, what I ned
: these for are to find very specific things.
: Or should I just forget the question and continue to pile them in the corner
: of my office??  Lord knows there are 27 projects that are more pressing!

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: Johanna Halbeisen, LMS                  We are confronted by
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: Springfield, Massachusetts                              Pogo
: jhalbei@k12.ucs.umass.edu

I have the same problem myself.  The only simple solution is one - skim each
catalog as you get it and do one of three things: toss it, mark something
that catches you eye to consider buying at a later date or keep it for the
everyday things you would ordinarily order.  Since you are on Learning Link,
if you really need a specific item, you can always send out a message.
Someone will be hoarding all the catalogs and can check for you.  Hope this
Iris Bartkowski (ibart@llwmht.ll.pbs.org)/Glenmont School/Glenmont,NY 12077

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