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I have just read through the excellent hit on overdue fines.  I am one
of those who charges.  I understand those who do not, and I have
the feeling that they are held extremely accountable for whatever is
colelcted and must turn it in.  I feel accountable, too, but must
onlyh submit a summary.  I still feel strongly that actions have
consequences, and if you are allowed to have something for a set
period of time, and if you then keep it longer, you pay a price.
I feel that way with friends also, unfortunately, and my husband and
I have stopped lending our own books because they are never returned.
It is a sad commentary, but the general feeling out there is that
once an item passes from one to another, even "on loan", you may
never see it again.  I would love to hear if others have had the
same sad experience with personal loans.  No - don't repond.  It's
summer.  Just know that you are not alone.
Kari Inglis    kbw_inglis@mec.ohio.gov

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