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For a little upbeat news for once, or at least not a downbeat, the New
York State legislature FINALLY passed a state budget (69 days late).
It includes at least some increase for all types of libraries.  Best
guess is around 12%.   It also increases the state aid for library
materials from $2 per pupil to $4 per pupil.   This is the amount that
the state reimburses the school district for $$ spent on library
materials.  For those of use who spend over that amount, the district's
general fund will be very happy.   However, there are some districts in
the sstate that ONLY are allowed to spend the state aid allotment, so
this will in effect double their budget.   Thanks to Erin Dinneen,
SLMS/NYLA legislative committee chair, for this message.

Gail Dickinson
Union-Endicott Central School District
Endicott, NY 13760
                         "a wild patience has taken me this far"
                               --Integrity (Adrienne Rich)

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