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One more (final?) entry on this subject--
This from today's LA Times:
        "The sleeper hit film of recent months, 'Four Weddings and a
Funeral,' makes emotional use of the poem 'Funeral Blues,' written by
W.H.Auden ("Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone...').  Quick as
you can say (almost) _instant book_, Vintage Books has brought out a
slender $6 paperback, 'Tell me the Truth about Love,' which contains
'Funeral Blues' and nine other verses previously found in Auden's
'Collected Poems.'  The new book was compiled by Edward Mendelson,
literary executor of Auden's estate."

Guess I'll run right out and buy one (or two, or more).

Happy summer days,

Rachel Carlson
Huntington Beach Union H.S.District
Huntington Beach, CA

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