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Well I now have Unison Catalog Plus and Circ Plus up and running
under Lantasti.  Here is the solutions to my problems.

1.  Share.exe will not work with Lantasti 4.0.  I installed
Lantasti version 4.1 and Share worked fine.  If you have Lantasti
4.0 plan on upgrading the version before you install Unison.

2.  Barwand did not work, because the barwand was defective.
Follett sent me another wand which came Friday June 10.  It works

3.  I tried to install the program using net indirect.  While
Follett service rep was quite willing to work with me through
this problem, I choose to write a batch file which bypassed the
need for this command.  If you need to write a batch file and
want some assistance feel free to email me next fall.  I have
Direct Access for a menu program which I use to call up Catalog
Plus thus bypassing the need for the security that net indirect
uses.  In the installation manual there are two typos that make
the installation manual very confusing.  If you have problems
email me and I will send you corrected directions.

4.  Thanks to internet, Follett service rep and sales rep became
very aware of my problem and responded accordingly.  The service
rep was very helpful and has even made a follow-up call to make
sure everything works properly.  While I haven't had classes in,
and won't until the fall everything seems to be working.  I've
had bored study hall kids running Catalog Plus to "see if you can
freeze it up".  So far no one has done so.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
Janet Johns

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