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Dear LM_NET Friends,
Here is a list of summer reading suggestions that I compiled in recent
days.  I know many of you have signed off already for the summer, but
for those of you who are still around, here goes:

From Penny McAllister/Verner Elementary School/Tuscaloosa,AL
_I Teach by (?)
An excellent, easy to read book that is helpful for self-reflection process.
Some excellent "checklists" to gauge yourself against in the back.

From Carol Mann Simpson/Mesquite,TX Independent School District
_The Children's Machine_ by Seymour Papert
A "must read" for both computing and non-computing educators.  For those
who don't know, Papert brought computers into schools with his landmark
work _Mindstorms_.

From Judy Pitts/Emporia State University/Emporia, KS
The June 1994 issue of Phi Delta Kappan has an article entitled Books for
Summer Reading.  You might check that for interesting titles.  I think
that list is an annual feature for PDK.

From Mary Alice Anderson
_Global Paradox_ by Naisbitt
_School's Out_ by Perelman
Should be required reading!

From Julie Burwinkel
_Failing at Fairness_ by the Sadkers
It is thought provoking.  A look at how American Education shortchanges

From Doug Johnson/Mankato Public Schools/Mankato, MN
_School's Out_ by Perelman
I liked this and I've given several copies to administrators.
_Global Paradox_ by John Naisbitt
_Horaces's School_ by Ted Sizer
_Surviving Corporate Transition_
If you can find it, read it (despite the title).
_Never Confuse a Memo With Reality_ by Moran
For fun...
For those of us who want to lighten up in the summer, I highly recommend
_The Alienist_ by Carr
a sort of Ragtime meets Silence of the Lambs.  A great police procedural/
historical fiction.

From Mary Stallings, Poquoson High School/Poquoson, VA
_Endangered Minds:  'why Students Don't Think and What We Can Do About It
by Jane Healy, PhD.
Every educator needs to read this book, which is a call for change in how
we instruct and facilitate learning to meet the changing needs of our young
people.  W E can't continue to teach using the same old methods! A thought-
provoking book. (Actually, every parent should read it, too.)

From Joan M. Miller/Bexley High School/Bexley, Ohio
For what it's worth, these are titles on my personal summer reading list.
All of them are concerned with teaching or multicultural education.
_Tales Out of School_ by Joseph A. Fernandez
_Two Nations:  Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal_
by Andrew Hacker
_Small Victories_  by Samuel G. Freedman
_Among Schoolchildren_  by Tracy Kidder
_Savage Inequities_ by Jonathan Kozol
_Escalante_  by Mathews
_Against Borders_  by Hazel Rochman
_A Different Mirror:  A History of Multicultural America_  by Ronald Takaki

From Esther Sinofsky/Robert Frost Middle School
_The Sabertooth Curriculum_  by ?
An oldie that is still a goodie and should be read by all teachers.

From Kari Inglis/Bishop Watterson High School/Columbus, OH
_Horace's Compromise_  by Ted Sizer
and its companion:
_The Shopping Mall School_
_Among Schoolchildren_  by Tracy Kidder
_Teacher's Talk_ by ?
_The Learning Gap_
Compares Asian and American children.

Also the title _Zapp!  In Education_  was recommended by someone, but I'm
not sure who.

I hope this list is helpful to you.  Have a wonderful summer.  Thank you
to everyone who supported me with advice and ideas this year.b

Evie Funk / Evie@vax1.mankato.msus.edu
Hopkins West Junior High
Minnetonka, MN

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