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This is a little off the usual messages for information - but who better
to ask for advice?

My husband and I are not sure about a proper gift for the following:

Friends of ours, who are Hmong, are to be granted citizenships on
Friday the 17th with a reception at a local training center and gallery
(where some of their embroideries are part of the permanent collection).
Our association is based upon our arranging for some exhibitions of their
work.  They have been to our home for meetings over the exhibitions and to
parties/barbeques/dinner.  Although we regard them as friends, they are
rather shy and perceived a class barrier that was hard to overcome - they
are very poor, saving every penney to bring more relatives over from the
refuge camps, and we live in an upscale suburb.  They are also very proud
people; despite having a very large family, they do not want what they
perceive as charity.

The question:  What could we give as a gift for this great event in
their lives?  We have tried to find out what others have given to new
citizens, but know only a few people who have become naturalized citizens,
outside of family in the earlier part of this century.  I would like the
gift to pertain to the event if possible, which is one reason why I hesitate
to give a cash gift (although they can certainly use it).

If you have thoughts on this, please e-mail me directly.  If anyone else
is interested in the gift ideas, I will direct what I collect to them.

Sorry if this was a little long! and thanks in advance.

Nancy Fralic   fralic@pps.pgh.ps.us  McCleary Elemen. School Pittsburgh PA

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