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We recently had a much loved teacher at our school become a U.S.
citizen.  Some of these ideas might not apply because she was not in the
sam situation as your friends, but maybe it will help you brainstorm
another idea.  Everyone was so excited for her at our shcool that it
turned into a morning long party.  Each class at shcool came in and
either sang a patriotic song or recited a poem,etc. Many of the children
and the staff individually brought gifts and almost every class borught
her a gift.  The gifts all seemed to be around the theme of America and
things American.  Some were baseball related- Cubs shirts, hats, or of
flag design- scarves, tshirts, jewelry, hair ornaments, flags, Cowboy
items- hat, shirt,  . Someone even brought an Apple pie, a tape of the
Star Spangled Banner.  all of the food was red white and ble oriented-
flag cake, star cookies, ice cream cake from BR with some kind of
patriotic theme.  I myself brought her a gift basket and I can't really
remember exactly what I put in it, but it was decorated with red, white
and blue ribbons and had flag mug, 2 small flags, flag pin.  You could do
something like that and make it practical things that they could use,
with an American motif.  I also think that a nice flag would be a very
nice gift.
Good luck.  I know you must be very happy for your friends on such a
special occasion.

Andria D'Errico                         Chicago Jr. School
aderrico@icebox.ncook.k12.il.us         Elgin, IL

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