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Piles and Piles of Catalogs - a summary of solutions

Most of the suggestions included putting the date received on the catalog in
prominant place so as to be able to easily week old catalogs.  Many
using hanging file folders to store catalogs, either alphabetically by
or alphabetically within categories (Books, AV, Equip/Supplies, Computer,
One person color-codes the dated labels.   Nearly everyone lets volunteers
student helpers do most of the work.  And has them weed every so often.  One
ecologically-minded person saves the ones she doesn't use for kids to cut

Here are some direct quotes:
Believe it or not, I finally started this year to enter all incoming
catalogs in
a database by company name, subject(s), and material type(s).

The only simple solution is - skim each catalog as you get it and do one of
three things: toss it, mark something that catches you eye to consider
buying at
a later date or keep it for the everyday things you would ordinarily order.
Since you are on LM_NET, if you really need a specific item, you can always
out a message.  Someone will be hoarding all the catalogs and can check for
(Ed. - !!!!)

A question:  Are you the keeper of all catalogs for the whole school?
The library mailbox seems to be the place for anything the principal doesn't
want or the secretary doesn't know what to do with...... (Ed - many people
echoed frustration with being the dumping place for whatever the
secretary/principal/staff don't know where to put.)

I keep about 20 of my "favorites" behind my desk...the folks I order from
over &
over again...and the rest just take up space elsewhere...though I must say
are used..esp. when there is Chapter I money to spent ASAP.

What doesn't fit in one large box  doesn't stay!

The best advice I can give anyone who tries to keep organized at school,
or home is, "When in doubt throw it out!"  I also believe that if I haven't
looked at or used it within the year, OUT IT GOES.  Be
ruthless!  Less is More!

And isn't it always true that the one you toss you then find a need for the

Another caution is to not go hog-wild loading up on catalogs at conferences.
find I usually have them already.

If you have a REAL hard time remembering which vendor sell what  you may
yourself a SHORT list of items and companies to jog your memory.

 I know that the number of catalogs we receive is incredible.  (I
say I throw a tree away every day.)

For the present time your pile of catalogs in the corner is a good
way to handle them.  Almost everything we do is more important than
Johanna Halbeisen, LMS                  We are confronted by
Rebecca M. Johnson School(k-8)          insurmountable opportunites.
Springfield, Massachusetts                              Pogo

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