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Zazu's Petals:  answer to the question, "What did the Jimmy Stewart
character in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE find in his pocket that made him
realize what is truly important in this life?"  Zazu was his daughter,
and the flower was a part of a special father-daughter moment before his
life started to fall apart.

On Sat, 11 Jun 1994, Diane K. ClausSmith wrote:

> One of the counselors at my school has asked me to research a reference
> to what he thinks is a children's book. "What is ZUZU's PETALS?"
> Reference is included in the caption of one of Gary Larson's cartoons
> (picturing a fellow showing off his collection of mounted flowers to
> another man):  "And here's the jewel of my collection, purchased for
> a king's ransom from a one-eyed man in Istanbul. . . I give you
> One hint suggested that ZUZU's Petals was the title
> or part of the title of a children's book/story.  I have searched CBIP
> and picked the brains of some fellow library folks.  Ya'll are my
> best hope!!
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> Reply-To: dclaussm@ednet1.osl.or.gov
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> Diane Claus-Smith
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