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Dear LM_NETcolleagues,
        I applied for and received the Adobe Acrobat Reader software through
the Adobe Grant Program. After installing it, however, I discovered that I can
no longer use the Apple File Exchange to convert Apple II files I do at home
to MAC files for printing out at school. Has anyone else experience this? I
have telephoned the Adobe voice mail helpline, and have been on the line over
ten minutes without ever talking to another human being. I've also been online
with their automated fax service, but am not sure if I received all the fax
documents I will need to understand how to make Apple file exchange work with
the Adobe Acrobat installed. The icons for the files I try to convert do show
up on my desktop, but they can't be opened with any software I have. If I
don't get any answers on the net, I guess it's back to voice mail.

                                                Best wishes,
                                                Jane Constant

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