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On Sat, 11 Jun 1994 CAROLAN@IDS.NET wrote:

> Why not teach both approaches?  Seriously, English could use one and
> Social Studies another.  Then the students will have a working knowledge
> of both and will be aware of the differences.  After all they are not all
> going to the same colleges, are they?  I think sometimes we all look for
> the "right" answer when the middle ground is just fine...

We had a wonderful English teacher who taught a research class for
several years.  She always "walked" the students through Turabian (sp?)
as they moaned and groaned all the way.  After strict grading and
thorough discussion of that one, she more or less turned them loose with
APA on the second paper, but she was still there for support and
questions.  The students in her class said they had no problem at college
level and they frequently CLEPped 6 hours of English.

The research class was an "elective" English that substituted for one
semester of Junior English.

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