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There are, according to rumor, a very large number of openings this year
for qualified Media Specialists in Florida. In our little District (Pasco)
alone, there are at least 10 real openings for Media Specialists, and in
the bigger districts, such as Dade, Broward, and Hillsborough, there are
many more openings.

I cannot speak for the others, but Pasco is a very pro-Media,
pro-Technology District. We have one Media Specialist and one Media
Assistant in every school (two Media Specialists in schools with
enrollment over 1000), and by the coming year we'll have a Technology
Specialist in every school--and they will be working out of the Media
Center, of course. All of our 45 media centers are connected via a
District-wide network called the "MIND", and we're really trying to make
the library-without-walls dream a reality.

If you think you can take the Heat, please contact:

        Ms. Jonnie Sprimont,
        Director of Media Services,
        District School Board of Pasco County,
        7205 Land o'Lakes Blvd.
        Land o'Lakes FL 34639
        Email: jsprimon@pasco.k12.fl.us

Pasco will be recruiting at ALA in Miami.

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