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Thanks to all who responded. I had over twenty replies
          and all were very helpful.

If anyone would like the full text of the responses
     with the addresses of the people who have actually used
     the INTERNET with classes, please let me know and I
          will send it to you.

Everyone who responded had used the Internet with
     classes. Everyone plans to use it even more extensively
          next year.

Number one use was e-mail to other students, teachers
     on sabbatical, and parents. Science, broadcasting,
     social studies students used the net for research. Most
     indicated that they would like to move into using the
          net for more research.

Most sites had only one modem set up (on the
     librarian's desk!) in the library. Some sites had
     additional modems in classrooms; most were working
          toward more modem stations set up in classrooms.

All sites that responded access the Internet through a
     local university or Freenet. Training was provided
          though grants by the state.

The librarian was generally responsible for the set up
     and always responsible for any  PR and all training for
     both students and faculty and for training within the
          classrooms when modems were located there.

Gloria McClanahan               Librarian
McNeil High School              Round Rock ISD
Austin Texas                    mcclan@tenet.edu

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