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For those of us who have known Milbrey Jones over the years, the
Department of Education staff (Frank Stevens, John Blake, Bryan Gray,
Louise Sutherland, Dorothy Kittel, and Clarence Fogelstrom) are planning
a celebration.  For those of you who do not know Milbrey, she was in
charge of ESEA Title IVc until its demise and then became librarian for
the U.S. Department of Education Library.

The Celebration:

Join up in The Library, 80 F Street, NW, Room 101, on Wednesday, June 22
from 2-4:30 for a farewell party honoring Dr. Milbrey Jones who recently
retired after 29 years of devoted service to the U.S. Department of

Please send a $15 check payable to Frank A. Stevens (555 New Jersey
Avenue NW, Washington D.C. 20208-5571) to one of the persons listed above by
JUNE 17 (caterer adamant about final count on June 17) to cover the costs
of food, refreshments and a gift.

If you cannot attend the farewell party, please feel free to send a
contribuiton for gift payable to Frank A. Stevens.

You may wish to write a note of appreciation to Milbrey
for keeping her eye on school library media matters even though she was
no longer specifically assigned to do so.

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