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I hope I addressed this correctly.  I had asked for opinions on two CD-ROMs -
Grangers Index to Poetry and the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science.  I
did not receive a large number or replies - 4 or 5 - but the ones that I
received seemed to suggest that Grangers is a good product. I think I
will purchase it.  I really didn't get much info on the McGraw Hill.  I
think it is a brand new product not to be confused with the old one with
a similar title.  You can get a demo of the McGraw Hill.  I did that and
have asked a science teacher to preview.
Thanks to all who responded.  Maggie
Maggie Calcara, Center High School, 8715 Holmes, Kansas City, MO 64131
816-363-2260 mcalcara@services.dese.state.mo.us

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