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I hope that some of you good people out there can help me with this.  In
January I ordered the new version of the Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia
for DOS.  It (finally)arrived today.  I had been assured that the
equipment requirements were compatable, but 'TAINT SO!  The new version
REQUIRES a 386 for the video to work where the old one didn't.  Since I
have three 286 CD-ROM stations and no money to upgrade, I am stuck with
disks I can't use.  Grolier will refund, but can't supply me with the
older version (no stock left).  HERE'S THE DEAL: I'll trade anyone who is
going to upgrade from the older (1992) edition with video for a brand new
version.  You'll get, by return mail, the new disk, all paperwork, and
the manual (this is legit, not some sort of scam--I need five working
stations for the encyclopedia, not just two to support class assignments,
and this seems the only way to achieve this!) when I receive your olde
disk in usable condition (no scratches or peanutbutter smears <g>).  You
can tell the older video version--it has "MS-DOS 5.0 on the right side of
the disk label--the new version has "MS-DOS" only.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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