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Do you plan to join the 30 LM_NEtters who had signed up for coffee on
Sunday, June 26? We will gather at Ann Symons' suite, Fontainbleau Hotel,
Room 1563 at 7:30 a.m.  Let me know soon if you want to be part of the
group. Send reservations to:  June Kahler Berry at   jkahler@tenet.edu
Those who will be drinking coffee or tea are:
Rose Tobiassen          Gene LaFaille           Elizabeth Miller
Judy King               Amanda Lucas            Shelly Glantz
Linda Williams          Roger Ashley            Ken Haycock
Margaret McCormick      Arlene McDace           Judy Pitts
Joel Shoemaker          Jeanie McNamara         Gene Lanier
Barbara Carmody         Charlie White           Sara Kelly Johns
Debbie Abilock          Diane Durbin            Betsy Rosen
Alicia Astorga          Liz Haynes              Elizabeth Polk
Judy Druse              Barbara Stripling       Frank Birmingham
June Kahler Berry       Ann Symons              Mike Eisenberg

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