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In our town we work as closely as possible with the public library for
the benefit of all.  We are really happy to have them host groups of our
kids and explain everything that they can about the public library's
system.  Beyond that, we are anxious for them to provide individual help
to anyone who needs it -- and to let us know what they perceive we need
to be doing better in information skills instruction!!

On Tue, 14 Jun 1994, p. swan wrote:

> I have a question that has been asked by our local public librarian:
> "What sort, if any, of bibliographical instruction should the public
> library provide for its young adult users?"
> We are planning to meet with the public librarians on Friday morning to
> discuss this matter. Any comments would be appreciated.
> Paul Swan
> Teacher/Librarian
> pswan@julian.uwo.ca

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