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On Sat, 18 Jun 1994
Roy Culbertson wrote:
Subject: Methods of Assessment

>Help!  I am looking for any ideas or experiences you may have in
>assessing student performance in the school library media center.  If you
>have anything to share, please reply ASAP. Thanks for the help.
>Grace Culbertson

Grace & Roy,
Currently our computer network tracks quantitative results from
program usage. Every time a program is used we list date, time,
terminal and program. I have a C based program that compiles
statistics for the Librarian on demand. These are usage figures
compiled by month with percentage time used. This gives good clues
as to what programs have the most benefit to the student and what
software should be upgraded or removed from the system.

On the qualitative side I am writing new software this summer for
our new middle school. This will include curriculum archiving, sample
quizes for students (accessable in classroom or Library) and information
review (slected subjects) compiled by the students themselves.

Don Shields
Mammoth Unified School District

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