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Here are the correct directions for subscribing, unsubscribing,
setting to nomail, or setting to digest (one large message each day with a
compilation of all LM_NET postings):
 (Note you can abbreviate the word Subscribe or write it out.. either is

The most important thing to remember: Send commands *ONLY* to the listserv
address, *NEVER* send a subscribe or unsubscribe command to the actual list
name. It's easy to remember: if the address starts with listserv it is for
commands from you. There's no harm done if you goof up and send a command to
the list, but it is kind of embarrassing finding out you didn't know Internet
That's all right... we all make mistakes!

To subscribe to LM_NET send a message to:


Write nothing in the Subject line.

In the Body write:

SUB LM_NET FirstName LastName     (not Internet address name)

Example: SUB LM_NET Russell Smith

To participate send all messages to:


To Unsubscribe address your message to:


In the Body write: SIGNOFF LM_NET  (not unsubscribe as you would think!)

To set your subscription to nomail yet still retain participation privileges
(good idea if you go on vacation or your network provider has a newsgrouping
of the list) address your message to:


In the Body write: SET LM_NET NOMAIL

To get one big message each day (good if you're getting swamped by e-mail)
set it to digest by these procedures:

Address the message to:


In Body write: SET LM_NET DIGEST

(Note.. some smaller listservs do not use the digest feature.. I presume
because of low volume)

These commands hold true for all your listserv groups on the Internet: you
just change the name of the listserv address and the list name used in the
examples above. If you learn these basics you are home free!


Russell Smith

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