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Regarding SIRS article reprints (SOCIAL ISSUES RESOURCE SERIES):

We find SIRS to be a valuable source for our high school students and
have been subscribing for many years.  I would just like to informally
poll other subscribers to ask:

What do you do when most of the volumes articles are out of date, for
example a 1983 copyright date pertaining to the drinking age in the
Alcohol volume?

Do your discard the entire volume or weed the out of date articles?
How do you then handle the indexing?

Do you have the volumes out in the open so students can browse the
contents or do they have to request copies at a periodical desk after
checking the index?
(We probably are one of the few schools that have SIRS binders out in
the open for students to browse.  I feel that the benefits outweigh the
disadvantages of this system as I see students actually interested in
many of these articles.  These articles are also great for narrowing a
very general topic such as *drugs* or *sports*!  This is one of the reasons
I do not subscribe to the full text SIRS on CD ROM, I would miss the benefits of
hands-on browsing by our students.)
Finally .......

Do you subscribe to just the print articles, the CD Index and print
articles, the full text CD and print articles or only the full text CD?
Could you give me a rationale for your choice with your answer?

I just thought of another question....

Do you subscribe to CQ Researcher?  It is excellent source of research
reports on "hot topics".  I found many librarians do not know about it.
It is one of our most valuable sources.

Thanks for your time.  I will post a HIT if there is interest.  Please
respond to me directly.

Gail Szeliga (ny000999@mail.nyser.net)
Union Endicott High School
Endicott, NY

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