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Dear LM_NET Colleagues,

  Here are two methods for handling your mail when you will be on
vacation.  In the event that you want to unsubscribe/sign off from

  1.  Send these words in the first line of a message:  signoff lm_net

  2.  Send your signoff message to:  listserv@suvm.syr.edu
      For Bitnet members, send to:  listserv@suvm

and you will be dropped.  (No other words are necessary.)

  P L E A S E do _NOT_ send the message to LM_NET. It will go to 2,000+
members of the discussion group, creating ill will and consternation among
our happy members. Send it ONLY to:  listserv@suvm.syr.edu

  If you are unable to sign-off alone, contact the managers-owners of
the list, and ask them to remove you (pmilbur@eis.calstate.edu or
mike@ericir.syr.edu).  We will do it as soon as is humanly possible.

Another alternative also exists, if you are going away for awhile:

     * * * *   Temporarily Stopping Mail From LM_NET   * * * *

If you want to stop receiving mail from LM_NET for a period of time, all
you have to do is send a specific message to the listserv computer which
handles LM_NET mail.

Send the message to this address:  listserv@suvm.syr,edu
     For Bitnet members, send to:  listserv@suvm

In the body of the message, on the first line, type the following:
   set lm_net nomail

To restart your LM_NET mail, send to the same address, the following:
   set lm_net mail

Please leave the Subject: line blank (i.e., no subject.)

Best wishes,

Peter G. Milbury            Library Media Teacher / Mentor Teacher
Co-owner, LM_NET: Discussion Group for School Library Media People
pmilbur@eis.calstate.edu         ~        Voice/Fax: (916)891-3060
Pleasant Valley High School     1475 East Avenue, Chico, CA  95926
Of the Chico Unified School District      Butte County, California

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