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My SIRS rep told me she had tried out the MAC version.  She said she has
always been a committed DOS user, even in the face of everyone saying how
wonderful, user-friendly, and easy MAC is.  She told me the MAC version
has changed her mind.  Said she loves it and finds it easier than ever.
I don't see how anything could be much easir or user-friendly than the
SIRS we are currently running on DOS, but there you are.  Maybe that's
why they wrote it for MAC.

On Tue, 21 Jun 1994, Julie Walker wrote:

> I don't have the answers to Gail's questions, but the posting reminded me
> of something I wanted to post.  We have the CD-ROM version of Sirs in all
> of our high schools & everyone loves it.  In the spring I learned that
> Sirs is developing a jr. high/middle school product.  I was really
> excited until I discovered that the first version would be for a MAC
> standalone.  I tried to convince a "voice" on the 800 number that most
> libraries could not afford to subscribe to a product that costly which
> could only be accessed from one station.  She said a networkable, DOS
> version was planned for "later."  Does anyone have more current info on
> this?  If you are going to ALA, please see what you can find out from the
> SIRS people.  Thanks
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